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Direct Loans and Family Federal Education Loans can be discharged if your school closes and you meet these criteria:

  • The school you are enrolled in closes and you cannot complete your program because of it. This also applies for ANY Federal Student Loan taken out to pay for attending that school. If you were on a leave of absence approved by the school, you are still considered to be enrolled.
  • If you withdraw from school, you still qualify if the school closes within 120 days after you have left.

Direct Loans or Family Federal Education Loans will not be discharged under these circumstances:

  • The school closes MORE than 120 days after you withdraw.
  • You are enrolled in a comparable degree program at another school. If you complete this program and have already had your loan discharged, you could be liable to pay back the discharged loan.
  • You have completed the course program, but have not received a diploma or certificate of completion from the school before it closed.

If you cannot obtain a final transcript, gather every document you can that shows you were enrolled in the school. A debt relief specialist can help you use those to secure a loan discharge.


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Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to review your case and discuss your needs. You help paint the picture and we do the leg work to get you the best plan possible.


Erase Student Loan Debt

Many borrowers are unaware of the many opportunities for student loan forgiveness. Our team of professionals with decades of experience can help.


Lower Monthly Payments

There are a ton of monthly repayment options available for student loans. If you are having trouble keeping up with payments we can help lower your monthly amount that is due.

"I called Student Counseling Services for help with my student loans and wish I had done this sooner. The consultation went well and I found out that because my college was a for profit college I could get most of my $20K in student loans forgiven. They handled all of the paperwork and now I owe less than $4k and my monthly payments are down by more then half.

Daniel Clark

"As a single mother and teacher I could barely keep up with my student loan payments. I haven't missed a payment in 15 years and was tired of barely getting by. I called this company to get an evaluation of my situation and see if they could do anything. Surprisingly I qualified for student loan forgiveness. They handled the documents and filing. About a month after my consultation most of my student loans were forgiven."

Lisa Davis

"I was paying almost $1,000 a month in student loan payments which was more then my rent. I finally had enough and found out through a frat brother about Student Counseling Services. I did some research and scheduled a consultation. The customer service was very friendly and easy to get all of the needed information to. I now pay around $180 a month. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Paul Howard


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